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Case Study:
Career in Aerospace

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Client Overview

Chainbot Solutions was honored to work with “Career in Aerospace,” a website that helps job seekers find jobs in aviation and aerospace more quickly. Their goal was to save job seekers time and effort by selecting the best positions available in the market that meet their specific requirements.


“Career in Aerospace” looked for a WordPress website with an intuitive user interface that would highlight available jobs in aviation and aerospace. The site needed to be able to add and remove pages with ease because job postings change frequently. They also wanted to include resume upload functionality and a questionnaire tailored to specific skill sets.


  • Building a website that made it simple to add and remove pages and job postings was the main challenge. A versatile and user-friendly content management system was necessary to maintain an up-to-date job board because positions in the aviation and aerospace industries change often.

  • Developing distinct questionnaires for each skill set made it difficult to maintain an intuitive user interface while gathering particular data pertinent to various job functions. This problem was made more difficult by the requirement for simple editability.

  • A reliable and secure system was needed to allow candidates to upload resumes directly onto the website. It was a technical challenge to ensure that resume submissions were user-friendly while maintaining security for sensitive information.

  • One technical integration challenge was integrating Calendly seamlessly within the website so that candidates could schedule interviews directly. It was critical to guarantee a seamless user experience and functionality across various devices.

  • It was essential to strike a balance between the website’s visual appeal and its useful features, like simple navigation and job posting classification. It was difficult to ensure a user-friendly layout without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.


A WordPress website that effectively displayed available jobs in aviation and aerospace was created by Chainbot Solutions. The site made it simple to manage job postings by utilizing PHP custom post types, which satisfied the client’s request for regular updates.

Candidates were able to directly schedule interviews thanks to the integration of the Calendly widget, which improved user experience and sped up the application process. As directed, prominent job categories like “Aircraft Mechanic,” “Structures,” and “Avionics” were emphasized, guaranteeing prominence for essential skill sets.

Additionally, the website has a specific resume upload section that helps candidates polish their resumes for job applications. The platform’s commitment to the needs and goals of candidates was highlighted by the layout, which included a mission statement on the home page.


Together, the team successfully created a user-friendly platform that served the needs of job opportunities in the aviation and aerospace industry as well as candidates. The client’s request for frequent updates was satisfied by the website’s user-friendly design, which made it simple to add and remove pages.

The integration of customized inquiry forms for various skill levels enabled applicants to effectively present their areas of expertise. Direct scheduling of interviews was made possible by the smooth integration of Calendly, which expedited the hiring process for companies as well as candidates.


The collaboration between “Career in Aerospace” and Chainbot Solutions is an example of how to successfully match technical know-how with the goals of the client. The website’s ease of use and user-friendly layout supported the platform’s dedication to candidates’ career goals, personalization, and transparency.

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