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Project Overview

This project involved integrating the Mastercard-Finicity API with CommonAreaCredit.AI, built on the WordPress CMS. The primary aim of integrating the Finicity Mastercard API was to provide accurate and current financial data to This data would enable the generation of various reports. The integration aimed to enhance the overall efficiency of Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and empower them to make informed decisions by strengthening their financial management capabilities.
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Live & Launched


The main objective of the Finicity Mastercard API integration was to supply with precise and up-to-date data so that it could produce cash flow analytics, balance analytics reports, statements, payment history, and account info reports. The goal of this integration was to improve HOAs’ overall efficiency and empower them to make data-driven decisions by strengthening their financial management capabilities.


  • The maintenance of environment’s cleanliness and security. This was important because we were utilizing a highly secure API from MasterCard. We also implemented safeguards to prevent SQL injection-type attacks for the security protocol of generating financial reports.
  • Customized and incorporated a plugin into the system as this required careful consideration to guarantee smooth operation and offered challenges.
  • Optimizing user experience while upholding necessary security protocols. Considering the delicate nature of financial transactions, this was an essential component.
  • Despite the hurdle of duplication of effort, we overcame the challenge by reusing templates and common processes to expedite execution.
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Our development process included required code reviews, automated tools, and encryption—all of which are essential for the Finicity Mastercard – WP Plugin. We adopted centralized procedures and modular code to maximize efficiency. Plugin customization requires thorough testing and documentation. Balancing user experience and security in financial transactions meant intuitive design, multi-factor authentication, and ongoing usability testing. Throughout, innovative solutions were sought through a proactive culture of improvement.


The integration of the Finicity Mastercard – WP Plugin has brought substantial benefits to and its homeowner’s association clients by revolutionizing HOA financial management through financial data analytics. This includes real-time access to financial information, empowering HOAs for more informed decision-making. The automation of report processing and reconciliation not only reduces the risk of errors but also saves valuable time. Additionally, providing HOA members with access to comprehensive transaction data fosters an open and trustworthy community environment, enhancing overall transparency.

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