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Client Overview

The journey started with Michael, a Toledo native who was born in 1949 and lived a life shaped by biblical allusions. Given his unusual red hair, he was named Michael, and his boyhood in the 1950s and 1960s was a lot like any other in America. His adolescence was impacted by divorce, which resulted in an early marriage that failed. Michael, though, had never been exposed to religion.
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Live & Launched


Chainbot helped Michael use the Melchizedekfiles platform to further his cause by developing a user-friendly website and providing a customized solution to address the payment method issue. This engagement demonstrated Chainbot’s commitment to fulfilling specific customer requirements.


Creating the Melchizedekfiles website, a venue for donations for his cause, was Michael’s main hurdle. Originally, Michael looked for an alternative to PayPal because of some restrictions and limits, including the lack of a PayPal account. Since Stripe became the go-to payment option, the website needed to include Stripe’s services seamlessly.


  • Chainbot thoroughly examined Michael’s needs and constraints in reference to the donation system.
  • To ensure a safe and effective donation process, Chainbot moved forward with integrating Stripe as the main payment channel.
  • The user experience was optimized, guaranteeing easy navigation and donation processing.
  • Extensive testing was done to confirm that the integrated Stripe payment method is secure and functional.
  • The website was launched after integration and validation went well, and after-launch help was given to handle any problems or queries.


By incorporating Stripe as a substitute payment option, Michael was able to gather contributions for the Melchizedekfiles website. In addition to resolving the initial issue with PayPal’s restrictions, this gave supporters of Michael’s cause a more effective and dependable way to make donations.


Chainbot helped Michael further his cause through the Melchizedekfiles website by resolving the payment method issue and enabling a more seamless donation procedure with the user-friendly creation of the website. This project demonstrated Chainbot’s dedication to providing customized solutions that are tailored to each client’s specific demands.

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