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Case Study:
Implementing SSL on Web App in the docker

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Project Overview

At ChainBot Solutions, we took on a difficult project requiring the installation of SSL on our server because we are dedicated to providing our clients with reliable security solutions. The project’s complexity and diverse range of server configurations necessitated a high degree of experience and a thorough understanding of cybersecurity and server management.
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The successful SSL implementation on our server has significantly enhanced our system’s security and reliability. It’s a testament to their exceptional skill set and dedication. I am thoroughly impressed with their work and would highly recommend them for any project that requires advanced technical knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and a commitment to quality and security.

Their contribution was not just about implementing SSL; it was about bringing peace of mind to our team, knowing that our server and data are secure. This developer is a true asset, and any team would be fortunate to have them on board.


Navigating through this project has been quite challenging for our team. The initial hurdle was the lack of public visibility for the website. Access was restricted to the PI network and PI browser, given that this project was developed as a third-party app within the PI Network.

Another significant challenge was the indirect access to project files. We couldn’t simply click buttons; instead, we had to employ a set of Linux commands. Taking command of the project involved using SSH credentials, and the entire system was built on Linux, complemented by the widely-used container application, Docker.

Implementing SSL added another layer of complexity. Customizing files, managing IP changes, and enduring numerous setbacks were part of the process. However, despite the difficulties, we successfully implemented SSL on the server. The positive feedback from the client marked the culmination of our efforts, bringing this challenging project to a close.


This project went beyond simply installing SSL; it gave our team confidence and ensured the security and integrity of our server and our client’s data. Our developer is an asset to any project because of their priceless contribution, defined by their extensive technical knowledge, flexible problem-solving skills, and steadfast commitment to quality and security.

In summary, the accomplishment of this project is a credit to our developer’s extraordinary skill set, devotion, and unwavering commitment to maintaining excellent security despite complexity. Their engagement was revolutionary, and the Chainbot Solutions team knows the enormous benefit their knowledge and commitment provide to our clients and projects.

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